Wedding Planning On A Budget

January 11, 2017 Off By Pascua Valles

Planning your wedding can be the most exciting time of your life but it can also be rather stressful due to the very high pricing involved with everything to with weddings. Most young people will either spend everything they own on their wedding day or they will stress out trying to find money to pay for their wedding and they might even end up in debt at the end of their wedding day which is certainly not the way a young couple should start the beginning of the rest of their life. However, only traditional elements at a wedding cost a lot of money but the truth is that there is no real reason that any couple should stick to the same traditions and do the same things that people have been doing for generations before them at their wedding. A wedding party is essentially a party and you can plan your wedding party in any way you like. There is no need to wear the traditional white ball gown or have a massive party in a wedding reception hall. You can have your own party without all the traditions and have it at a fraction of the cost because all of the high costs are connected to anything that has the word wedding attached to it.

Stepping away from tradition
Most modern day weddings will have one of two options; either finest buffet catering in Singapore or a sit down three, four or five course dinner for each guests. However, there is no real reason that you need to have either of these options for your catering because they are both very expensive and when they find out the catering job is for a wedding, the chances are the prices will increase even more.

Instead of food catering, you can consider making some small snacks and treats for your guests yourself. You can make your own cake or have a friend or a relative make a cake for you instead of ordering a “real” wedding cake in order to save a few hundred or even thousand dollars because wedding cakes can be extremely expensive.

For the food you will be serving, you can either choose to have some delicious food catered for the even without telling them it is for your wedding or you can choose to have your mother or aunts prepare some simple finger food that all of the guests will adore. The trick is also to have as little guests as possible at your wedding so that they will not be coming especially for the food but simply, to be a part of your day.