Wedding Ceremony Videography Tips For Beginners

December 18, 2017 Off By Pascua Valles

If you are planning a small wedding with a few loved ones and you don’t want to do it over the top, there’s a few things that you would want to maybe even scratch out. Never ever think about taking away the photographs and the videos! You need to be able to capture that special day and relive it.  You can reduce the cost of have no cost by having someone do the videography for you even if they are not experienced by taking the following tips into heart. Don’t feel disheartened thinking that is will end up as a disaster!

 Designating a person

When you ask a friend or relative to be your wedding videographer make sure that there is no confusion among the other people who are part of helping you to put everything together. Make them feel empowered, responsible and confident that they are in charge of capturing moments from your special day. It is best that you choose that one person who naturally captures good photographs.


Technology has advanced so much that you can use tablets, smartphones, DSLRs or a camcorder to video it all! You can always hire cameras from a professional commercial videography Singapore centre, but it is not really necessary. Many people stream their wedding live to many other countries in order to share it with their loved ones who couldn’t not make it.

 Tripod it!

A tripod is an essential! Hire one if you don’t own one. You can be sure that you video the entire wedding without holding it in hand. This will also make the video look professional. No shaking and moving to ruin the video. Any video that is captured for more than 45 seconds should be shot using a tripod. When using a smartphone get yourself a mount. Using a tripod or mount will ensure that you get a clear view of everything going on without heads getting in the way.


Haven’t you felt sick watching a video that continues to move through the crowd a little too much? Don’t move the camera on the tripod unless the target audience moves out of the frame. Ensure that when you zoom in or out you do it very slowly in order to make it look naturally.


Continue to communicate with the videographer. Keep them engaged in your ideas and thoughts so that they can fulfil them or even suggest a better alternative.

 No sound? Oh no!

Worse than having a shaky video is a video without sound! Especially during a wedding the words spoken between the bride and groom during the church ceremony must be caught on video. Be in close proximity to make sure that the quality of the sound is good.

 Remember to take long videos so that it will be easy to edit it. Once all the editing is done, you can cherish the memories of your wedding day by watching them over and over again!