The Most Common Foot Problems

January 4, 2017 Off By Pascua Valles

Even though you might not have realized it, your feet are technically a wonder of nature. They support you and all of your body weight and help you to walk since you start taking your very first steps as a kid. Human feet have evolved more than the feet of most other animals due to the need to stand erect, and consist of a large number of tissues and glands bunched up together. Due to their function, human feet are prone to stress almost every day and are susceptible to various diseases caused by microorganisms. Some of the most common foot problems in humans are:

• Athlete’s Foot – This disease is quite well known among the general public. Athlete’s foot or tinea pedis is a disease which causes all kinds of nasty effects on the patient, including inflammation, itching, redness, skin peeling off and pain. This disease is caused by a fungus, and can be slightly contagious. Medications for treating athlete’s foot includes antifungal creams, lotions and even pills that can be obtained over-the-counter, although severe cases need to be addressed by a podiatrist. Regularly changing shoes and socks while maintaining a good hygiene can prevent athlete’s foot to a great extent.

• Bunions – This bunion is the common name used to describe a bony bump that customs at the big toe’s base due to improper fitting of bones at the dual. They do not form at once, but rather develop slowly until the bone structure will change and cause the big toe leaning towards the second toe. Bunions can be genetic, but are generally formed in people who wear tight and restrictive shoes. Women who regularly wear high heels will have a higher risk of developing a bunion. While bunion surgery is necessary for the most severe cases, early detection makes other forms of treatment viable.

• Flat Feet – Flat Feet or pes planus, is a condition which makes the soles of the feet flat, or to come fully in contact with the floor or surface where a person is standing. While flat feet can develop in young children or babies, it often goes away once they grow and develop. When this condition appears during adulthood, it tends to be permanent. Studies have shown that some individuals who have flat fleet do not experience pain, and that their feet are as tolerant as those of normal people. While this is true for some people, those who experience pain should seek treatment to alleviate it. Physical therapy, foot exercises and wearing heel pain treatment in Singpore are some recommended treatment methods suggested by most doctors and therapists.

• Gout – This is a type of arthritis which is caused by an excessive amount of uric acid being stored in your body. Uric acid can easily crystallize in cooler regions, and your big toe joints happen to be one of the coolest places in your entire body. Hence, gout attacks are most common on the big toe joint although they can occur in other places of your feet, ankles or even your knees. When you experience a gout attack, the affected body part will swell, become red and will be extremely painful to touch. Medications includes anti-inflammatory drugs, applying ice, uric acid lowering medicines and dietary changes which can bring down uric acid levels in your body.