Is The Natural Look Always Better?

December 15, 2017 Off By Pascua Valles

We all have different tastes. These tastes differ from person to person. Some things maybe adequate for some people but they might not be for others. For an instance when it comes to flowers there is always the debate of what would be better, the natural look or the replicas made of materials such as silk and such. They both have their pros and cons, so neither can be completely disregarded. As I mentioned it depends on your individual taste. Some people only like the natural look whereas some others feel like it is a waste of money and would rather opt for the replica version.

Through the course of this article let us look at both options. Keep in mind that it all of the pros and cons will only come into play if you get your stuff from a good place. You can’t count the mishaps you will experience if you go with a bad place for either option. Artificial flower suppliers aren’t that hard to find either. Just Google and you will find that there are plenty of places that will offer these services. Let us look at the pros and cons. If you go with the natural ones you will get to experience that natural fragrance.

A lot of people love to get the smell of fresh roses when they are handed some. The replicas usually don’t have that much of a smell. If you look at it cost wise it’s a bit arguable which the cheaper option is. Some replicas like the silk ones can sometimes be more expensive than the natural ones. In such a situation you might not be saving any money at all by going with the replica. So trying to cut costs by going with replicas for your wedding bouquet might not be such a great idea after all.

You could always Google for wedding flowers Singapore cheap but what you will get might not be the good quality ones and they will not look nice at all on your wedding day. If you go with the good ones you might have a few advantages leaving aside the cost of it all. Unlike natural ones the replicas will never wilt. They will look the same even 10-15 years down the line if you want to keep them for that long. They are also lightweight. So it might make your life a bit easier on the big day. All in all as I mentioned earlier it comes down to your tastes at the end of the day. Both options have their pros and cons. Weigh them both and make a rational decision.