Creative Ways Of Cutting Costs On Your Big Day

January 11, 2017 Off By Pascua Valles

If you are currently planning out your wedding and if you are stuck for money or on an extremely tight budget there are many different ways that you can cut down costs on your wedding and still have the perfect day. To begin with, you can easily scrap the concept of a big white ball gown for your wedding and choose instead to wear a gorgeous coloured evening gown which will be much cheaper and potentially a lot more beautiful. Who knows, you may even end up setting a new trend. Many people tend to associate the white wedding gown with purity but the fact of the matter is that the only reason that anyone wears white on their wedding day is because queen Victoria chose to wear white one hundred years ago at her wedding and ended up setting a trend that was to last many centuries. Therefore, there is really no reason to wear something simply based on the fact that someone wore it one hundred years ago. Even the purity aspect, which has no basis whatsoever, does not make sense in this modern world where young people will almost always live together a few years before their wedding.

Capturing memories
Event photography, especially for weddings can be extremely expensive and you find yourself spending massive amounts of money to a photographer who will spend a few hours taking a few pictures and then leave to the next wedding.

It is the same case with event videography in Singapore and although you will have some beautiful pictures by a professional, at the end of the day, they will be mostly posed pictures with no real passion in them.

One extremely creative ways of getting all your wedding memories without having to spend too much money is to ask your guests to take pictures of your wedding with their phones. They will do so anyway because we live in a world where people have their phones in their hands at any given occasion and therefore, you could make use of the situation and save a lot of money in the process.

While doing so however, it is important for you to allocate a few special people who will be in charge of taking pictures just in case your other guests do not manage to capture any great picture or in case their batteries die in the process. Ask about ten of your closest friends to be in charge of taking pictures so that you have a guarantee of great pictures at the end of your big day.