5 Places To Visit In Singapore

December 13, 2016 Off By Pascua Valles

Singapore is one of the Southeast Asia’s prime holiday destinations, offering a multi-cultural experience with the best food joints and exquisite shopping malls for high end shoppers along with street shopping with a wide variety to choose from. Moreover, the recently opened theme parks are an added attraction for the tourists. Here are a few places to visit in Singapore

Theme parks
Singapore has a range of theme parks to choose from, including the Sentosa Island to the Universal studios which offers a one of a kind experience comprising of the most exhilarating rides suitable for both children and adults. The Universal Studios has a unique concept wherein for each theme of rides, there is a specific restaurant serving food which is related to those rides. For example: they serve the best pizza at the transformers section, whereas the Egyptian Mummy corner serves some amazing hummus and pita bread. In addition, there are other parks which provide a ‘night safari’ experience, wherein the tourists are taken on a tram ride which takes them around the park in order to provide a unique wildlife experience.

There are a several restaurants to choose from offering a wide range of cuisines from Indian, Chinese, Singaporean, Thai and Italian to mention a few. There are strip of restaurants know as Boat Quay restaurants which are located in the historic boat Quay destination. Singapore also comprises of several malls and streets which house some of the famous food joints from across the world such as Pizza hut, McDonalds, Subway, KFC and Burger King to name a few.

Wildlife parks
The Singapore zoo is known to provide a ‘night safari’ experience, wherein the tourists are taken on a tram ride which takes them around the park in order to provide a unique dining experience In addition to the night safari, Singapore also consists of the famous Jurong Bird Park which houses approximately 380 species of birds.

Historic temples
Singapore is home to a number of people ranging from different ethnicities. A famous historic temple is the Sri Mariamman Temple which is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. It is one of the prime tourist attractions due to its amazing architecture and its historic value.


The shopping options in Singapore are uncountable and catering to the needs of every individual respectively. There are number of malls and department stores such as Mustafa Centre offering luxury shopping options housing a wide range of brands. On the contrary, there are a number of streets famous for their shops. These include Bugis street and Orchard road.

Singapore has something to offer for everyone, from shopping to entertainment to the best variety of cuisines. Thus making it one of the significant tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.