3 Reasons Why 3 Dimensional Print Technology In Metal Is Getting Bigger

November 16, 2016 Off By Pascua Valles

Since the advent of 3 dimensional or 3D printing in the market, the traditional manufacturing process has been going down because of its inability to produce in large scale. And if we talk of metal 3D printing, it has already taken the market by storm. This technology is evolving at a great speed and is already on its way of increasing its size and velocity abilities. There are several industries which are opting for this 3D printing technology to get faster output in lesser time, that too in large-scale. Vietnam is also not behind. In fact, Vietnam has got some of the finest 3D printing service providers who has come up with excellent service for various types of industries, such as jewellery, medicine, defence, consumer goods, commercial products, architecture and the list goes on and on.

Intense competition in the market among different industrial fields may be the reason behind this intense competition, which is between different types of technologies as well as different approaches towards the same technology. But if we look down further for details, this is not the only reason. There are other such vital reasons behind 3d printing in metal is getter bigger and better. They are listed below.

• Diverse technologies in the same fieldAs already mentioned, there is a stiff competition among various types of technologies too. Apart from the entire 3D printing process, if the 3d printing with metal already has got a grip in the market, then there are other technologies too which are on its way of making a permanent mark in this very world market. For example, the binder jetting technology can create such miracle which powder bed fusion cannot do. What’s more, digital metal has got the technology of creating the probable thinnest walls of metal in affordable prices. So, no doubt there is a very tight, or we can say, neck-to-neck competition in the market.

• Industries- bigger and betterWe all would accept the fact that there would have been no such competition if there had been no demands from various industries. With time, various industries are demanding the 3D metal printing technology, and the aerospace industry and automotive industry are not behind. Not only for prototyping, but also for the production of products and parts of products in large scale, these two industries are demanding the 3D printing technology.

• Bigger companiesAnother technology which is really trying hard to make a mark, which can also be known as Addictive Manufacturing is Directed Energy Deposition or in short, laser cladding. This technology is very fast in a way that it can deposit large amount of materials in a short span of time. And what’s more exciting, it can be incorporated into multi-tool robotic system.